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Radarcan Anti-Mosquito R-107

Manufacturer: RADARCAN
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With ANTIMOSQUITOS HOME you get protection and comfort in your home, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It works without chemical products and needs no refills.

Instructions for Use

The PORTABLE HOME MOSQUITO REPELLER has been designed for use indoors, where there are no electrical outlets, because it is battery operated. It is so practical that allows you to protect yourself from bites wherever you want, even in camping tents or in a caravan.
For proper operation, it is important to not obstruct the front of the device and do not focus it directly against a windows or fabric to let the ultrasound disperse in the right manner. The green indicator lights up when the batteries are placed, making a flash every 5 seconds. When the indicator turns red, will mean that the batteries must be replaced.

Technical Specifications

Coverage: 269 sq. ft. - 25 m2 (open inside space).

Consumption: 4 x Batteries AAA (not included)

Battery duration: 3 months (24 h/day)


The ANTIMOSQUITOS HOME incorporates technological innovations and is developed with components manufactured under strict RADARCAN® specifications for the greatest reliability and effectiveness.

Our own advanced technology based on the use of specific ultrasound frequencies studied to find a natural and effective method of protection against mosquitos.

Ultrasound consists of high-frequency sound waves which are perceived by mosquitos, but inaudible to humans.

The ultrasound waves fan out uni-directionally from the ANTIMOSQUITOS HOME, like fluorescent light. Hard substances (walls, ceilings, furniture, glass, etc.) promote better spreading out of the sound waves, as they bounce off these surfaces, whereas soft materials (cardboard, curtains, carpeting, etc.) absorb the sound waves.

Remember, when installing the ANTIMOSQUITOS HOME, that ultrasound waves do not penetrate walls (brick, plaster, etc.), or wooden room dividers, glass, plasterboard false ceilings or other solid materials. Hang the ANTIMOSQUITOS HOME inside the space to be protected, and avoid blocking the flow of the ultrasound waves from the front part of the device.

Products specifications
Type Repeller Mosquitoes
Technology Ultrasound
Power Batteries
Autonomy 3 months
Coverage 25 square meters
Use Indoors
Size 5,0 x 5,0 x 5,0 cm