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Radarcan Anti-Mosquitoes, Flies, Mice, Cockroaches and Ants SC-200

Manufacturer: RADARCAN
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Home use

Each of the various pests is driven away with the right technology studied.

We have equipped with ultrasound transducers to emit specific frequencies for flies, mosquitoes, mice and cockroaches. We have also equipped with electromagnetic technology to alter the magnetic fields, and thus effectively combat the intrusion of ants.


Where to place it.

If possible plug the device clear of furniture or other objects areas. You should avoid plugging the repelling behind curtains, sofas, etc.. For best performance place it at a height between 1 and 2 meters, avoiding as far as possible that the device is facing towards a door or window open.


Products specifications
Type Repeller Mosquitoes, Flies, Mice, Cockroaches & Ants
Technology Electromagnetism & Ultrasound
Power 230 V
Autonomy -
Coverage 30 square meters mosquitos/flies, 30 square meters for mice/cockroaches (ultrasound) & 200 square meters for Electromagnetism (ants) - 30 m2 (κουνούπια/μύγες), 30 m2 (κατσαρίδες/ποντίκια) & 200 m2 για το ηλεκτρομαγνητικό πεδίο (μυρμήγκια)
Use Indoors
Size 5.8 x 6.8 x 10.2 cm