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Suunto Zoop Novo Lime - 12 interest free installments

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Make Diving Simple

Whether you’re just starting out on your diving journey or looking to explore new underwater adventures, Suunto Zoop Novo has everything you need. With your easy to understand key dive data available at a glance on the big, super-bright backlit display, all you need to do is suit up, dive down, and enjoy the view. This simple to use dive computer includes full decompression capabilities, five dive modes (Air, Nitrox, Gauge, Free and Off) and straight-forward, menu-based Suunto user interface.

  • Five modes: air, nitrox, gauge, free and off
  • Full continuous decompression algorithm – Suunto RGBM
  • Built-in dive planner
  • Detailed graphical logs and dive data with your PC/Mac using Suunto DM5 software (no cable in the package – sold as an accessory)
  • Innovative apnea timer for freediving, and a timer in air/nitrox modes

Products specifications
Unit dimensions 66.1 x 66.1 x 26.2 mm
Display resolution 49 x 22
Touchscreen No
Crystal type Acrylic
Weight 120 g
Battery CR 2450
Battery life 1.5 years with 100 dives/year
GPS-enabled No
Heart rate monitor No
Maximum operating depth 80 m
Diving Modes Nitrox (and air), Freedive, Gauge
Surface time 0 to 100 h
Safety Stop Yes
Deep Stop Yes
CNS/OTU (OLF) calculation Yes
Gas time No
Gas consumption (real-time) No
Gases up to 3 gases (Oxygen 21 - 99%)
Gas max pO2 1.6
Dive time Yes
High pO2 (hyperoxic) alarm Yes
Too fast ascent alarm Yes
Smart Notifications (displays calls, text and other alerts when paired with your compatible phone) No
Step counter No